2020 Stock Taking

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2020 has been a year of all uncertainties; a very challenging one and you have supported, cared and given despite all these unforeseen circumstances.

Thanks for giving this year to help the poor, street children, IDPs (Internally displaced persons) and the vulnerable people in dire need during the corona virus pandemic. Your gift made so much difference in their lives!

Thank you for giving when the elderly people and single nursing moms sequestrated in hospitals and Health Centers because they could not afford to pay their medical bills and the vulnerable people who lost everything during the pandemic outbreak. Your gift helped https://givhopeafrica.org to organize a sensitization/awareness campaign and food bank Caravan to feed about 1000 households in very poor neighborhoods in the Capital city and its environs and pay medical bills for 5 single nursing moms. We also placed more than 80 families back to business through income generating activities as the post covid-19 relief package.


We reenrolled five (05) high school and two (02) university students in formal educational system for the academic year 2020/2021. Four (4) ex-street children were reunited with their families and communities: Bello went back in Ngaoundere, the Adamawa region and got married in May, Martin graduated from the Mutenguene Police Higher Training Center in Limbe, the Southwest Region in September and now works at the Police Mobile Brigade in Yaoundé;  Richard became carpentry owner and Jacques a physically psychomotor challenged young man graduated from the Etoug-Ebe Handicap Training Center (Centre des Handicapés d’Etoug-Ebe) and opened his mosaic factory where he makes sandals, shoes, bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, etc. with pearls.

Please watch this video https://youtu.be/BKYJROVhu4A of gratitude from the persons who benefitted from your assistance to see all the difference your multiform donation has been made. Thanks for being there each and every day during this pandemic.




For Friends in Africa, please use our Orange Money at 699 911 404 or 659 344 807 

or MTN Mobile Momo 671 979 811.


International Children’s Rights Day: Focus on Street Children in Cameroon

Help Kimura Come out of Misery


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