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Esther, IT learning

From computer capacity building to a trial as a tv presenter at HTv during holidays, there’s just one step. Guess who is this young beauty? Esta! At GivHOPE we give each child an opportunity to display/showcase her/his God’s given talents. We say thank you to Enko La “Gaite” Intern students at GivHOPE Multipurpose Center and Mr. Xavier Messè À Tiati who allowed Esther to give it a trial. During these long holidays season, we make sure our children and youths are busy on ludic activities, income generating projects or any other leisures but instructive programs.

Sandra, Intern at GivHOPE Africa

Merra stopped pursuing her university studies two years ago because of lack of money and illness. After her registration and her case study, she chose to enter the income generating activities program. A modest sum of money was given to her to start a small business that could help her prepare her back to school at the University.  GivHOPE  encourages Merra in this small beginning and promises to support her efforts.

These are two very talented young girls who need just a small push to expand their gifts. Please give and don’t say NO because any penny counts and can save millions of young girls and boys like Merra and Esta. This is our mission: Planting a seed in vulnerable youth and at risk families’ lives without expecting any return!


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