Who we Are


GivHOPE Africa is a Private non-profit Organization that deals with its targets in three main pillars:

  • The socioeconomic protection of vulnerable families and their communities such as street children, school dropouts, IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons), elderly people and the Covid-19 socioeconomically affected people through multiform assistance programs.
  • Immediate solutions to the needs of persons in distress (Children, teens, girls, women, single mothers, street children, etc.) through income generating activities, enrollment in school, apprenticeship, job placement in the private sector, etc.   
  • The development of active networking for coherent social protection of and support to vulnerable people, through partnership, volunteering, etc.

GivHOPE Arica responds to the pitiful plight of our target groups with a multi-faceted approach: Mentoring/tutoring on one-on-one basis or group programs, support and care for their rehabilitation and reintegration into their families or communities and assist them to overcome their vulnerability through capacity building for incomes generating activities, apprenticeship or vocational training and job placement for those do not want to carry out private activities. GivHOPE Africa way builds up individual responsibility that gives these vulnerable youths and women the commitment to walk through adulthood and life with a sense of pride and achievement. We also search for key individuals, networks, groups and institutions that GivHOPE Africa local strategic communications/outreach program can engage with and establish effective partnerships. We make sure that all programs and projects prepared by GivHOPE Africa follow participatory consultative approaches, through workshops, seminars and beneficiary assessments. GivHOPE is tax-exempt under IRS Code Section 501 (c), which makes your donation to GivHOPE tax-deductible.

Our Mission

To PROMOTE socioeconomic self sufficiency and empowerment of its members through multiform assistance.

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To ENSURE that its members have access to basic needs such as shelter, food, health and education through concerted initiatives

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Where we Work

In 6 years, GivHOPE Africa has expanded its activities in scope and in field occupation, and today it covers three different countries and continents: the Central and West Africa Regions in Africa and the North America Region in the United States of America.

Its first office was opened in Yaoundé, Cameroon, the Central Africa Region in 2015. In Cameroon GivHOPE Africa is present in 5 regions out of 10: Douala/Loum, the Littoral, Meiganga/Ngaoundéré, the Adamawa, Tonga, the West, Bamenda/Ndop, the Northwest and Maroua/Mokolo, the Far North Regions.

In North America, GivHOPE Africa headquarter is in Virginia, VA with a Branch in Atlanta, GA.

In West Africa Region, GivHOPE Africa has a Bureau in Abidjan, Cote-d’Ivoire.

GivHOPEAfrica goal is to cover many countries in Africa where misery is rampant in a bid to reduce extreme poverty and social exclusion among its target groups, mainly street children, vulnerable youths, widows, orphans, IDPs, Covid-19 affected/infected persons, the elderly and communities, working with people of good will who support its efforts in resources or/and technical assistance.

Our Major Achievements


Covid-19 Food Coverage


Covid-19 Post Relief Grants


Field Visits


Private Counseling


Health Care


Academic/Socioeconomic Reinsertions of the youths


Street Children Home Returns


Grants for Income Generating Activities


Private Family Visits


In Kind Donations

About the Founder



Founder and CEO of GivHOPE Africa

Hélène Pieume is the Founder and CEO of GivHOPE Africa with the Africa Headquarter in Yaoundé, Central Africa Region and Abidjan being the West Africa Bureau. The North America Headquarter is in Virginia, VA and Atlanta, GA, a Branch. In Cameroon, local Focal Points include Douala/Loum, the Littoral, Meiganga/Ngaoundéré the Adamawa, Tonga the West, Bamenda/Ndop, the Northwest and Maroua/Mokolo, the Far North Regions.

This initiative was born after her retirement jointly by her passion for the vulnerable ones and her children’s encouragement who thought she could continue to contributing to the alleviation of extreme poverty among street children, vulnerable youths, widows, orphans, IDPs, Covid-19 affected/infected persons, the elderly and communities as that was part of her job description when she was in
service at the World Bank Group, Cameron Country Office.

Helene’s top priorities are the rehabilitation and socioeconomic reinsertion of street children, school dropouts youths, Covid-19 victims, families at risks and the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) through a multifaceted approach mainly income generating activities, sensitization campaigns on barrier and hygiene measures and food bank to fight Covid-19, home returns, back to school, vocational training or apprenticeship and ensuring quality and leading support to
target groups in implementing these priorities while adjusting to local realities and opportunities.

Prior to founding GivHOPE, Hélène held positions at the World Bank Group, Cameroon Country Office as Program Associate and Strategic
Communications/Outreach Officer and at IOCS Computer Services, Inc. in Washington, DC as Consultant in charge of training, working with many US companies. She also worked for IOCS-African Informatics in Cameroon in charge of Office Techniques and Public Relations, helping the Government to computerize its key services at the Ministry of Finances in Yaoundé and UCCAO in Bafoussam. She also has previous private sector and diplomatic experience from
the industry and Embassies. 

Hélène holds a Degree in Computer Sciences and Business Administration from Strayer University, Washington, DC. 

Country experience: France, USA, Cameroon, Morocco, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Belgium, Senegal, Chad, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa.

Meet the Team

Cameroon, Central Africa

Ferdinand D.Ekobena


Jacqueline Kamwoua


Jérémie Mben

Deputy Commissioner

Nzali Stéphane

IT Consultant

Joseph Nkoulou

Consultant (Portfolio)

Yves Angounou


Esther La Douce Djapou & Pavel Tchatchouang


Marc Njapoum & Harris Tchatchouang


Cote d'Ivoire, West Africa

Dorgeles Kouadio Franck Kouame


Kouakou Saraka Yves Arsene

Deputy Director

Cynthia Makagnon


Gotta Ruth Kouakou


North America, Atlanta & Virginia

Armel Thierry Konguep

North America Director

Liliane Carine Konguep


Lucie Euxane Djomeni

Public Relations

Board Members

Léopold Nembouet

General Overseer

Emmanuel Ngollo Dina

President IPC

Nathalie Bitnga Tchoumba

Communications/Outreach Adviser (Volunteer)

Ted Azouma

Honorary Member

Accounting Service

Elizabeth P Sumo

NCR Financial Adviser

Mireille Djoumessi