Our motto: One child, One Family, One Community.

GivHOPE is a Cameroonian Law nonprofit, lay and apolitical social association. GivHOPE is regularly registered under the Declaration of creation # 0322/RDA/106/SAAJP/BAPP of March 14, 2016 even though it went operational in September 2014 renewed on January 2017 under no 0000028 RDA/106/SAAJP/BAPP. This Association was created to accompany the Government in its fight against the phenomenon of vulnerable target groups and especially street children in Cameroon and the Central Africa sub Region, starting with Yaoundé as a pilot project.

Social context and justification

Although a concise study has not been carried out to determine the number of children roaming the streets of the Central African sub-region, Cameroon, Chad, Central African Republic, the two Congos, Gabon, and Equatorial Guinea, the past years have witnessed the rising of different conflicts that have devastated and displaced millions of persons within the region, most hit being Cameroon (Far North, North, Adamawa, East, South West, North West). Due to the porous nature of boarders separating these countries, persons caught up between these conflicts often flee for safety, shelter and livelihood in Cameroon. Besides conflicts, the issue of extreme poverty affecting families is also very present leaving parents with little control over their off springs and sometimes even pushes them to send these children as beggars to fend for the family. They often come to the street with diverse backgrounds and problems (psychological and physical traumas and sometimes with chronic diseases). On the street, they become exposed to other dangers (drugs, sexual exploitation, violence, banditry, crime).They do not have access to basic hygiene, proper habitation, food, medical care and protection as per the Convention on the rights of children and in keeping with the respect of fundamental human rights of persons. GivHOPE is a straight answer to this rampant and shameful phenomenon and believes “street live” issue must be addressed because these youths are already entangled with the judiciary system. GivHOPE offers them a second chance and assists them to better transition to adulthood and transcend the past, hence helps them make positive changes in their lives thanks to Bible teaching, preventive measures and urgent

response mechanisms.

Our Objectives

GivHope aims to fight against the phenomenon of  “street live” in Cameroon and in the sub region, jointly with all good wills, development partners and active key actors in the domain in order to stop the next generations from coming to the street.


  • Reduce the negative impact of poverty on children’s lives in general and street children (This term is generic, meaning teens and youths that live on the street) in particular;
  • Fight against stigmatization and ill-treatment of street children;
  • Encourage their return in family or their reinsertion in the society;
  • Reinforce ties and partnership among the different key actors on the protection of children rights;
  • Ensure the target groups (On voluntary basis) receive the Word, Jesus;
  • Ensure follow up and post evaluation of the project.

Notre dévise: Un Enfant, Une Famille, Une Communauté.

La lutte contre le phénomène des enfants de la rue au-delà du contexte de prise en charge holistique, présente un certain nombre de défis en termes de prise en charge qu’elle soit psychologique ou psychosociale. Face à la recrudescence des conflits frontaliers dans la sous région, des centaines de milliers d’enfants écument les rues des grandes métropoles où ils sont visibles à tous les coins de rues, carrefours, feux rouges, stations d’essences, marchés, cimetières, et devantures de restaurants. Pieds nus, et vêtus de guenilles, ils font aujourd’hui partie du décor de nos grandes villes.

L’Association «GivHOPE» est née de la volonté d‘un groupe des Camerounais, partageant les mêmes valeurs, la même vision et œuvrant pour l’appui à l’encadrement et l’accompagnement des enfants, adolescents et jeunes de la rue au Cameroun. Notre souci est d’assister ces enfants  à retrouver l’amour qu’ils n’ont pas pu avoir au sein de leur cellule familiale, tout en encourageant leur retour en famille, ou à défaut,  les réinsérer dans le tissu social.  Son siège social est à Yaoundé 2, Quartier Tsinga. Sa légalisation a été renouvelée après modifications des Statuts le 12 janvier 2017  sous le no. 0000028/RDA/JO6/SAAJP/BAPP du Préfet de Mfoundi.

Nos objectifs

Juguler le phénomène « enfants de la rue » au Cameroun et dans la sous région Afrique centrale en synergie avec toutes les bonnes volontés et les acteurs actifs dans l’encadrement et l’accompagnement de l’enfant vulnérable.


  1. Œuvrer à l’encadrement des enfants, adolescents et jeunes en situation de vulnérabilité dans la rue
  2. Contribuer au renforcement des mécanismes d’accompagnement et de prise en charge
  3. Encourager leur retour en famille ou à défaut leur réinsertion sociale ou socioéconomique
  4. Susciter le partenariat et l’adhésion des bonnes volontés dans l’accompagnement des enfants
  5. Suivre et évaluer le projet.