Assisting IDPs Widows in the Northwest

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An expansion of Mabel, Elisabeth, Germaine and Helen, four IDPs widows’ small businesses by GivHOPE in cooperation with its Focal Point, CRCDD in Bamenda, supported by people like you, provides these widows with grants to diversify their income generating activities. This action will not only have a lasting impact on their personal lives but also on the entire host community through its multiplication effects.

Your donation now, no matter the amount, can continue this important initiative because we have more than 100 IDPs widows and orphans to care for this year.

GivHOPE always strives to reduce extreme poverty by assisting people in need without any discrimination around the country. GivHOPE already covers 6 regions out 10 in Cameroon, our ultimate goal being to cover the entire nation and beyond.


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