GivHOPE Africa Crusade Alongside Muslim Families in Africa and the United States of America

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GivHOPE Africa brings smile to the faces of disadvantaged and physically challenged people by donating food and snacks items to three Muslim communities in Cameroon, Cote-d’Ivoire and the United States.

GivHOPE Africa Cameroon, Cote-d’Ivoire and the United States of America visited more than 50 poor Muslim households in Mokolo – Yaoundé, Yopougon – Abidjan and Atlanta – Georgia. GivHOPE Africa places the poor and vulnerable communities at the heart of its work wherever they are. This is why the inhabitants of Yaoundé, Mokolo neighborhood in Cameroon, are used to what they affectionately call “Mama Hélène”. This retiree from the World Bank who embarked on humanitarian actions eight years ago, spares no means to come to the aid of the most deprived people. “I warmly thank GivHOPE Africa for this food donation. We will eat it with our children and our neighbors, ”said Aicha, one of the beneficiaries.

In fact, GivHOPE Africa decided from April to May 2021 to distribute food and snacks items ranging from rice, pasta, cooking oil, salt, syrups, eggs, burgers, vegetables, cookies, bread, beef sausage to soft drinks such as Diet Coca Cola, Sprite, Cherry, Fanta, etc. to more than 50 homes in Yaoundé – Mokolo, Abidjan – Yopougon and Atlanta – Georgia.

Amir Faheed Masjid Ash Shura Ali Muwwakkil, one of the largest Muslim centers of this community in Atlanta, was visited by the GivHOPE Atlanta team. This activity was crowned with success thanks to the effective involvement of Imam Ibraheem Rahman, the leader of Masjid Ash Shura whose role was to identify the needs of his community.

We would like to thank you for your generosity in sponsoring part of our celebration of Eid Al-Fitr around the world. I really appreciate this gift and hope we can build a solid partnership with GivHOPE Africa. Once again, we appreciate your contributions and your generosity; May Allah (God) reward you for your efforts here in America and abroad in Africa, ” said Imam Ibraheem.

In Abidjan, Cote-d’Ivoire, GivHOPE Africa-CI was alongside the Muslim families of Yopougon, one of the ten (10) administrative divisions of Abidjan on Saturday, May 22, 2021 for a moment of communion. The Siporex, Port-Bouet 2 and Andokoi neighborhoods were chosen by GivHOPE Africa-CI team for its second activity on Ivorian soil, this time in the form of door-to-door visits to touch poverty and have real fellowship with these families.

After presenting the goal and mission of the NGO GivHOPE Africa as a whole as well as the object of the visit by the team, eleven families received food kits including rice, spaghetti, oil and oats. These different households represented by their wives did not fail to express their joy visibly, satisfied. “Tell the NGO that gave us these gifts that we are very happy and Allah blesses her” exclaimed a beneficiary.

Next was the development of a work plan to help these very poor and vulnerable women, some of whom are physically challenged to provide them with grants or interest-free loans so that they can start small income generating activities or boost the existing ones. GivHOPE, by this gesture, demonstrates its willingness to help the most disadvantaged and to fight against poverty among its members. The amount of grants and loans can vary from 25,000 FCFA to 250,000 FCFA depending on the request of the beneficiaries, the nature of the business and especially their moral integrity. The objective here is to set the bar high so that they become real economic agents.

Prior to this activity, GivHOPE Africa had already donated food and snacks to Atlanta Mission: Ending Homelessness in Atlanta and DC / Dream Center in Washington, DC in February.

“The partnership with these different centers and missions is part of our framework for developing an active network with institutions that can embrace our vision and engage with us in the fight against extreme poverty among the poor and vulnerable individuals regardless of their color, their religion, their country and their political convictions”, declared Mrs. Pieume Hélène, Founder of GivHOPE Africa.

It should be remembered that during the peak of the corona virus pandemic in 2020, GivHOPE Africa fed more than 1,500 families in the West, North-West and Central regions of Cameroon and disbursed more than 1.5 million Cameroonian francs for the post-covid19 relief program to 37 households.

Since its creation this NGO has so far helped thousands and thousands of poor people.

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GivHOPE Africa Puts a Smile on Underprivileged and Physically Challenged Persons’ Faces by Donating Food and Snack Items to Three Muslim Communities

Post Covid-19 Solidarity: Helping Thousands of Poor and Vulnerable Families


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