2018/04/16 08:00

Operation 15K to the Benefit of Street Children: A thorough survey on street children phenomenon in Cameroon

{:en}GivHOPE wants to know how many street population roam the big cities in Cameroon, where and why do they come to the street and their lives thereafter. The findings will be discussed and disseminated during a workshop around October 2018.{:}{:fr}GivHOPE voudrait connaitre combien d’enfants ecument les rues des grandes villes du Cameroun et d’où viennent-ils et pourquoi et leur vie dans la rue. Les résultats de cette étude seront discutés et partagés lors d’un atelier vers octobre 2018.{:}

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Sproule Circuit, Evatt, Australian Capital Territory , Australia
2018/03/20 08:00

Global Education

72 million children around the world are not enrolled in school; Concern Worldwide…

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