Field Visit to Self-employed Youth

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Yaoundé, Cameroon, April 10, 2018 GivHOPE has completed a first round field follow-up visit to see how well the beneficiaries of last February grant are doing.  We visited two carpentry factories and showrooms.

Richard and Francis were concerned. Each self-employed young boy is doing everything to fulfill the requirements of the grant. All the showrooms we visited were well furnished and packed to capacity. They were delighted to see their dreams come true, especially becoming their own bosses and able to support themselves and their family members.

The seven beneficiaries of the current financial support are youth from 17 to 31 years old who are either high school and University drops out street youth or those who come to the street to fend for their families and go back home. GivHOPE income generating activities has become a specific customized development assistance, with an inclusive package composed of mentoring, tutoring and  capacity building programs to reduce the outbreak of street live phenomenon in Cameroon.  GivHOPE strongly believes the street children’ sense of self-employment or belonging at home is very important to any positive achievements in their lives.

With a thankful heart, we are grateful to all our friends near or far who continually give us a word of encouragement and we look forward to building sound and sustainable partnership with you, our Champions!

Giving hope friendship and love to these underprivileged children while continuing to support their related families’ activities to reduce their economic hardship that sometimes force them to push their upbringings to the street is a passion, said Hélène Pieume, the Coordinator.

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Richard, Carpenter, in action
Richard, Carpenter, his finished products

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