Field Visit to the Youth under GivHOPE Self-employment Program

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The young men and women who received our financing last February are at work and very proud of being their own bosses. They can now take care of their parents, build a home with wives/husbands, raise children and contribute to building the nation. What a dream come true!

In order to make sure they are on track, we undertake a supervision field visit to their income generating activities locations from time to time. During our just-ended visit, we were proud enough to see that each of them is striving to reach his/her objectives, hence giving us a feeling of great satisfaction and work well accomplished even though many challenges are still to come. Please join the motion and visit the following website or or friend us on facebook at or LinkedIn at



GivHOPE partnering with ENKO “La Gaite” Int’l School

GivHOPE Celebrating its Champions