Fundraising to the Benefit of Street Children

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GivHOPE Association is organizing a mega fundraising effort for street children. The event is scheduled on Thursday, November 30th, 2017 at the Yaoundé “Cercle Municipal” on the theme “One child, One family, One Community” for the withdrawal, rehabilitation and socio economic reinsertion of street Children.

This mission can only be achieved if we help them quit the street. In the traditional African society, every child belongs to a family or a community because the street does not give birth to a child. Come and join us as we join hands together to help these underprivileged children live a normal live. Join us as we give them our love and friendship as a community. A strong Community is built on happy families and happy families are home for the children.

As you donate, not only are you changing a child’s life but also the course of the nation and planting a seed for future. The Hope of the nation lies on the shoulders of the youths. By contributing to our efforts, you are assuring a better Cameroon tomorrow because you orient street children youth on a path of being the real change makers of tomorrow.

Don’t wait for your neighbor to make the first move, perhaps he/she is also waiting for you to make the first move. Do not tarry; go one step further and Give Hope to these children. They are waiting for nobody else but you and me. Your donation is an important factor.



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