GivHOPE Installed Three Street Children on Self-employment

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While installing these young men and women, we realized that there’s a real need for improving and fostering opportunities like this in order to give a second chance to these underprivileged ones.

The recipients want to be self-employed: Two creating a telephone booth and kitchenware items business at their remote area of Yaoundé and one doing cafeteria business. The envelope came from a donor who wanted to remain anonymous.

 Our Association is called GivHOPE because we want to give hope to the hopeless, we want to give hope to those who are rejected, we want to give to those who think they’re no longer belong to our society;  the Coordinator said. 

“This donation comes as a good demonstration of GivHOPE’s willingness to give us a second chance. We’ll never deceive you and you can count on us for the good use of this money. Mumy Helene thank you for trusting us, you are promoting the voice of the poor. Since my father passed this is the first time I am receiving such an in cash donation”


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