GivHOPE partnering with ENKO “La Gaite” Int’l School

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This is an exchange outreach program that allows GivHOPE to “merge” its vulnerable and underprivileged children with fortunate ones in order to avoid stigmatization and social exclusion.

We partner with ENKO “La Gaite, an IB Cambridge International School and here below are the students demonstrating that not only they are brilliant in school but also in dancing during an outreach event we jointly organized recently to the benefit of street children. Please enjoy! Please also visit our website at www. or pledge for the cause we fight for at or friend us on facebook at “La Gaîté”, International School et nous, sommes des partenaires et la démonstration que ses élèves ne sont pas seulement brillants en classe, mais aussi en danse s’est faite sentir lors d’une activité “outreach” que nous avons conjointement organisée récemment en faveur des enfants de la rue. Vivez ces instants! Veuillez aussi visiter notre site web au ou faire un don pour la cause pour laquelle nous luttons au ou notre facebook au



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