Micro Projects under GivHOPE Financing

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GivHOPE completed three micro projects follow-up visit under its financing last night.   The objectives of this visit were: (i) to see how well the beneficiaries of June 10 grant are doing and (ii) encourage those who have not yet implemented their projects.  We visited a construction equipment site, two seafood and croquette factories.

Cedric, Sandrine and Ingrid were concerned. Each self-employed youth is striving to fulfill his/her dreams. Cedric moves from one equipment to three with one heavy duty for construction. Ingrid and Sandrine want to diversify their products.

This batch counted 14 recipients, young girls and boys, including family members after the February session that granted more than 2 million to 21 youths for micro projects.

Our mission is to reduce extreme poverty among youths, especially those on the street or/and who live a very precarious life. We look forward to building sound and sustainable partnership with all goodwills that have the same concerns.

We are grateful to all our friends near or far who continually give us a helping hand in all domains in order I am aiming at multiplying my activities, for instance add oil, eggs and other foodstuff to the dried fish I am selling now and would like GivHOPE to grant me more funds for that, Ingrid said.

 Giving hope friendship and love to these underprivileged children while continuing to support their related families’ activities to reduce their economic hardship that sometimes force them to push their upbringings to the street is our passion, said Hélène Pieume, the Coordinator.

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