Who We Are

GivHOPE is regularly registered under the Cameroonian Declaration of creation dated January 12, 2017 no 0000028 RDA/106/SAAJP/BAPP and also designated as a tax-exempt Private Non-Profit Organization under IRS Code Section 501 (c) – Employee ID number 82-5187523 dated April 2019, which makes your donation to GivHOPE tax-deductible. Its mission is to make sure each child has a family or a community and access to basic needs (Shelter, subsistence, education, health). GivHOPE way builds up individual responsibility that gives these vulnerable youths, boys/girls (11-35 years old) the commitment to walk through adulthood with a sense of pride and achievement. In short, its mission fills up the gap with an innovative approach based on preventive measures to help street children, school dropout girls, women at risk and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) from the war zones to create a brighter future through advocacy, awareness, capacity building, job creation, income generating activities, apprenticeship, vocational training and empowerment strategies jointly with their families and communities, including a mechanism of follow up and post evaluation upon completion of plan of action. GivHOPE project falls in straight line within the framework of government’s guidance and the strategy set up in the Cameroon’s Vision Document for Development Horizon 2035 on the one hand and the Cameroon Strategy Document for Growth and Employment 2035, (DSCE) on the other. GivHOPE  also carries out local communications survey on girls who have been sexually abused.  Location, Yaounde 2, Tsinga.

Beatrice is blind but can take care of herself and her 2 children
Born blind, Bernadette is on income generating activities and health care under our financing.