Our Programs

  • Facilitation of the social reinsertion of street children and families at risk (Widows, orphans(, dropouts and IDPs;
  • Reinforcement of accompanied mechanisms and guarantees;
  • Assistance and empowerment to identified members;
  • Capacity building, a key via mentoring/tutoring, income generating activities, self-employment and placement;
  • Knowledge/experience sharing and partnership;
  • Search for key individuals, networks, groups and institutions that GivHOPE outreach program can engage with and establish effective working relationships with them, via strategic communications activities.

Our Activities

  • Multiform guarantees of care to and advocacy for street children and families at risk;
  • Psychosocial/spiritual care;
  • Organization of home coming back;
  • Teaching/Educating on jobs creation and elaboration of micro projects;
  • Small grants for good and sustainable micro projects and support for the development of income generating projects (IGP);
  • Organization of seminars on empowerment, guarantee of care and distribution of communication supports for sensitization/advocacy on violence to children;
  • Donations to other private social sister entities;
  • Development of partnership, membership and sponsorship;
  • Other opportunistic outreach activities as they unfold…

Testimonies and donations for income generating activities after training on project management.