Overall Survey on Street Phenomenon in Cameroon

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GivHOPE would like to give you an overall approach of the survey it needs your pledge for:

Specific Objectives

►Carry out a survey showing the exact status of street children in selected zones

►Show specific characteristics of the phenomenon in these zones

►Come up with a detailed plan of action, including a communication strategy showing how the initiative will be echoed in order to touch the different groups.


►Street children status of the concerned zones known

►Characteristics of street children in the zones known

►Final survey report disseminated

►Clear orientation of care for street children of the zones and resources


You now know and have an overall idea about the survey and see how serious we are. Please go the following link and pledge https://www.gofundme.com/ppwpyd-give-hope


Field Visit to Self-employed Youth

GivHOPE partnering with ENKO “La Gaite” Int’l School