She has character, judgment, poise, fairness and above all integrity and compassion. World Bank Group Retiree after 24 years of service and now Founder, she coordinates with dedication and passion the overall activities of GivHOPE for the withdrawal, rehabilitation and the reinsertion of street children and families in situation of vulnerability in Cameroon to help the Government curve this shameful phenomenon. Ambitious, hard working, advocate, fighter and fully committed to this humanitarian cause, her main goal is to make of GivHOPE a straight answer to the growing number of children already entangled with the judiciary system and faced with a lot of hazardous uncertainties such as sexual abuses, violence, drug addictions and psychological traumas in Cameroon and beyond. Convinced with our innovative and strategic approach, she strongly believes there’s a real need for a huge difference by networking and operating in zones where these children originate from to stop the phenomenon right from the roots and future generations from going to the streets through effective and strict respect of children rights, prevention and emergency responses. Our Motto is: One child, one family, one community because we believe no child should have the street for home.

As a matter of fact, she successfully carried out similar assignment in Dakar that made her suddenly understand her vision, especially when she came back and saw the rampant phenomenon of street children in Cameroon. She came to the conclusion that this domain is where she must write her own chapter for the next generation. She courageously embarked on it through the creation of GivHOPE and enthusiastically now looks forward to fulfilling this dream that she strongly believes, will come to pass.

She is a holder of BSc. Degree in Data Processing Management, Class of 85 –  Strayer University, Washington, DC and many Certificates,  VP and Spot Awards from the World Bank Institute and the World Bank Group, Africa Region. Please come and join us!