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The following is an overview of our role and activities in Cameroon, Côte-d’Ivoire and the USA.

GivHOPE Africa opened its doors in Yaoundé, Washington, DC and Atlanta respectively in September 2015 and April 2018 with 7 team members.  Today, it boasts more than 20 people and Focal Points from all walks of life.

GivHOPE Africa is regularly registered under the Cameroonian Declaration of creation dated January 12, 2017 no. 0000028/RDA/J06/SAAJP/BAPP, revised on October 13, 2020 under no. 00001469/RDA/JO6/SAAJP/BAPP. It is also registered as a US Association under the EIN 82-5187523 dated April 16, 2018 and designated as a tax-exempt Non-Profit Organization under the IRS Code Section 501 (c) (3) dated May 6, 2019 which makes your donation to GivHOPE Africa tax-deductible.

In March 2021, GivHOPE Board of Directors adopted a new partnership strategy with Côte-d’Ivoire and the USA entitled “Friends Helping Friends”.  The strategy emphasizes three key areas:

Human values embedded by the partnering organizations: Social inclusion underpinned by two strategic themes: (i) fight against social unbalance and (ii) improvement of the poor and vulnerable peoples’ vulnerability and resilience

Good governance strategy: Transparency in managing and submitting in timely manner activities and financial/audit reports to all stakeholders and other contributors.

Driving for results: Strategic, constant and permanent quest for key innovation through the development of strategic internal and external communications/outreach tools.

This strategy is based on three implementation instruments: partnerships, finance and knowledge/experience sharing.

The main objective of this strategy is inclusive and sustainable personal development of target groups, underpinned by two strategic themes: (i) improvement of the poor and vulnerable people’s living conditions and (ii) improvement of their minimum basic needs and service delivery. The crosscutting theme of the strategy is good management of all financial contributions.

With regard to finance, GivHOPE Africa portfolio  stands as of April 2021 at 5 projects for a total amount of US$ 160,000.00 funded by the staff and the 1818 Society (Community Connections Campaign) of the World Bank Group, friends and self-financing, mostly by the Founder.

Friends Helping Friends Project (US$80,000.00): Its increases partnership and solidarity amidst not-for-profit organizations and their communities through in-kind donations, income generating activities, training, and capacity building to set up small businesses and have access to grants/loans in selected economic areas during these hard times of Covid-19 pandemic.

No One Should Go Hungry During the Covid-19 Lifespan Project: (US$10,000.00): When Covid-19 stroke out in Cameroon in early March, the most hit cities were Yaoundé and Douala and GivHOPE Africa felt compelled to respond immediately by putting in place an emergency strategy that mattered for the vulnerable populations accounted for more than 17,000 households in 209 neighborhoods. A sensitization campaigns and food bank Caravan were launched on April 11th and toured 14 neighborhoods and later on expanded its food bank to Côte-d’Ivoire and the USA.

Improving the Living Conditions of Women and their Families during Covid-19 (US$20,000.00): The Project Development Objective (PDO) is to increase women and their families’ productivity through empowerment techniques, income generating activities, training, and entrepreneurial capacity to set up small businesses. It also helps them have access to grants/loans in selected economic areas of their choices during these hard times of Covid-19 pandemic. The PDO Level Indicators Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) include:Increase in the activities of targeted groups achieved by primary project beneficiaries;

a)  Number of target groups reached increase with the project’s assets or services (including women and youth targeted at 30 percent);

c) Beneficiary satisfaction rate with the quality of project-supported services;
d) Number of target groups rehabilitated and reinserted into the socioeconomic arena.

Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and Host Communities (15,000.00): The Project PDO Indicators: (i) Beneficiaries improved access to community infrastructures (Health, nutrition and education). (ii) Beneficiaries are trained on income generating and capacity building on project management and financing. (iii) Beneficiaries are placed on the job market and their children enrolled in school, vocational centers or apprenticeship.

Mechanisms for Ex-Street Children Home Returns Sustainable Resettlement (US$35,000.00): The project addresses the profound needs of the street children once they are off the street and their families by filling three main gaps: Training, empowerment services and financing. It improves ex-street children’s living standard and provides support to their families through income-generating activities and access to finance for private initiatives. Another project thrust expected to be behavioral transformations upon their home returns.

The objective of the project is to Increase street children and their families’ productivity after their withdrawal from the street through income generating activities, access to basic needs (Education/health, shelter, food), job placement and advocacy/consciousness campaigns.

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Impressive results were also achieved owing to the introduction of innovative and attractive components in the overall project management at individual and global performance levels. In Yaoundé and its environs 80 percent of our members have become economic agents, including ex-street children (compared to less than 15 percent previously) and the first four years of GivHOPE existence resulted in an increase in quantity and quality of our services, for instance the number and amount of grants/loans to members for income generating activities have moved from 15,000 XAF to 500.000 XAF and one component that is making history these days is the financial aid to single mothers entangled in public/private health centers for unpaid bills!

Considering steps undertaken at different instances to promote our actions in our different host countries of operation, it is important for GivHOPE to be supported so as to enable its members to make their own contributions to the growth and sustainable development of their communities, countries, and the world at large.

GivHOPE offers a wealth of opportunities to all its members to move our host countries development forward together and ensure better living conditions for all the poor and the vulnerable persons it serves.

As GivHOPE Africa Founder, I am pleased to be able to work with all passionate people and partners moved by their love for social inclusion so that together we may ensure better living conditions for all the poor and the vulnerable ones. 

Thank you and come join and give here

Helene Pieume, GivHOPE Africa Founder


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