Our Mission

One child, one family, one community ...

GivHOPE mission is to make sure each child has a family or a community and each family,  food, shelter, vital resources, and access to at least the basic needs (Health, education, security, housing, labor and social wellbeing).

Pieume Helene, who Founded GivHOPE in 2014 believes GivHOPE project falls in straight line within the framework of government’s guidance and the strategy set up in the Cameroon’s Vision Document for Development Horizon 2035 on the one hand and the Cameroon Strategy Document for Growth and Employment 2035, (DSCE) on the other.

4 goals guide our approach: Building capacities, funding income generating activities, local communication survey on girl violence and sexual abuses and  target groups education through formal, vocational education,   apprenticeship and placement in the job market.

Targets: Street children both boys/girls; school dropouts; vulnerable women,  and internally displaced persons (IDPs).

Capacity building and empowerment seminar certificates handover ceremony
Vulnerable youth receiving their end of course certificates for self employment

Street youth feeding time after counseling meeting with team of investigative journalists, cameraman, psychologist and driver

Help the street children

GivHOPE Reviews.

Our Activities

Help the street children

Our Partners

GivHOPE searches for key individuals, groups and institutions that its outreach and advocacy programs for street children, teens, youth and vulnerable families including IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) can engage with to help them cope with their conditions.

Street young man stabbed by a peer for 1000 FCFA
Bakari stabbed by his peer cared for at a nearby hospital

GivHOPE wants to break the silence and takes the lead in the fight against social exclusion