Mothers of Israel Week @ Cry for Revival Ministry

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Mothers of Israel Week at Cry for Revival on Friday, June 18-22:  GivHOPE Executive Coordinator was invited to give two talks on the protocol and how to set a dinner table, including the full service and attires during official and non-official ceremonies. Her first capacity building seminar for this church was on self-employment opportunities and financing.

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Monday, June 18 after the theme on mothers and daughter’s relationships, Ms. Pieume took the floor to teach the audience the A B C of protocol, using Mary Jane McCaffree and Pauline Innis Protocol Handbook. She set the tone by giving the definition of the word protocol as a set of rules prescribing good manners in official life and official ceremonies, especially in diplomacy. Then she addressed the different orders of precedence, official and private gatherings, women in public life while the husbands are not, etc. Her course ended with table seating and arrangements.

Friday was devoted to hands-on and practices on how to set a dinner table, place the guests, serve the food and remove the plates according to the rules of culinary art.

We say thank you to the Elders of Cry for Revival who have given us, once more, the opportunity to share our long experience in some of the domains of our expertise with its members.


Sunday, June 10 in Colors at Cry for Revival Ministry Int’l

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